Loco Bebe Organics was founded by a couple of Crazy Canadians who decided to make organic purees for our little ones with “branch to baby freshness”. It was so good that we decided to offer Loco Bebe Organics to everyone.  

In 2015, I came up with the simple idea of placing healthy, pure organic fruit and vegetables in a convenient pouch in the Dominican Republic. How hard could it be on an island as lush and bountiful as Hispanola? Lucky for me, my husband knew exactly what I needed to make my idea a reality.

Together, we toured farms, created machines, completed certifications and so much more to create an amazing tasting puree. Like the other guys, we started in our  kitchen. The difference is, we stayed there. We just built a bigger kitchen!

We created Coopertiva Finca Verde help local farmers grow certified organic fruits and vegetables, increasing the the Organic Agriculture on the Island making a positive impact on our community. 

  • A mom of three very energetic children, Leanne's passion for health and product development is formed around handcrafted, delicious healthy and convenient snacks for the whole family.

  • Alby's upbringing and career path lead him to the surprising perfect fit of Chief Operations Officer at Crazy About Organics. 10 years in the field of engineering and an Italian family upbringing consisting of everything made from scratch; from the family garden to the kitchen table.