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Mango Blueberry - Instant Oatmeal Cup


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Delicious Organic Baby Oats together with Organic Blueberry, and Mango. Just saying the name sounds delicious. Add warm water and wait for 3-5 minutes. Stir and let your baby enjoy. This delightful tropical combination will have your little one asking for more. A perfect Stage 2 Organic Baby Food perfect at home, while traveling, or at preschool. The fruit-flavored oats fill your baby's belly without refined sugar found in all other instant oatmeal cups. No pots to clean, no dishes to wash, and 100% recyclable.

Simple Delicious, and the freshest Natural Baby Food you'll find on your grocery shelf or at your doorstep

USDA Organic Certified
Vegan & Non-GMO
No Pre-Processed Purées
No Added Sugar
Resealable BPA Free Pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

At Locobebe, we prioritize the highest quality for your little ones. We go above and beyond by using exclusively organic ingredients in all our products. Unlike many other baby food companies, we ensure that every single ingredient we incorporate meets rigorous organic standards. Since our establishment in 2015, we have consistently earned the trust of discerning parents who seek nothing but the best for their children.

Our unwavering commitment revolves around three core principles: authenticity, simplicity, and fun. We hold ourselves to these standards in every aspect of our brand and product development. By adhering to our promises, we aim to provide a nourishing and enjoyable experience for both babies and parents alike.

When you choose Locobebe, you're choosing more than just baby food. You're choosing uncompromising quality, transparency, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your little one is receiving the very best. Discover the Locobebe difference today and give your child a healthy start to life.

Locobebe baby food is carefully crafted to meet the nutritional needs of infants and growing children. We offer a range of products suitable for different stages of your child's development.

For babies who are ready to start solids, typically around 6 months of age, our puree pouches and meals are a great choice. These options provide a variety of flavors and textures to introduce your little one to a world of delicious and nutritious foods.

As your child progresses and develops their self-feeding skills, our pouches such as Mucho Mango, Caribbean Pumpkin , and Passion Fusion offer fun and safe finger foods designed specifically for their age group.

When it comes to transitioning to more complex meals, our Toddler Meals provide a convenient solution. Packed with whole, organic ingredients and flavors that will excite your child's taste buds, they offer a full serving of vegetables and are tailored to meet the needs of growing toddlers.

Always consult with your pediatrician before introducing new foods to your child's diet. They can provide personalized guidance on the appropriate timing and selection of foods based on your child's individual development and nutritional needs.

Locobebe is committed to providing wholesome and nourishing options for your child's journey from early solids to toddlerhood, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable mealtime experience at every stage.

According to the latest USDA Dietary Guidelines, a significant number of children under 2 years old fail to meet their daily vegetable intake recommendations, which range from ¾ to 1 cup per day. At Locobebe, we understand that it can be challenging to ensure your little one consumes a full pouch of vegetables every day.

That's why we're here to support you. We offer a solution to bridge this nutritional gap by providing a wide range of baby food products that prioritize vegetables. We have dedicated collections such as our Veggie Pouches designed to deliver full servings of vegetables to babies and toddlers.

We believe that introducing and encouraging a love for vegetables at an early age is crucial for your child's healthy development. With Locobebe, you can ensure that your little one receives the essential nutrients from a variety of vegetables.

By incorporating our veggie-leading products into your child's diet, you can provide a convenient and nutritious solution to help them meet their daily vegetable needs. Join us on this journey to nourish your child's growth and well-being with Locobebe's vegetable-rich offerings.

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At Locobebe, our utmost priority is to deliver the highest quality products to you and your family. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, please contact our customer service team at info@locobebe.com within 30 days of receiving your product(s). Our team will assist you in processing a replacement product or issuing a credit for future purchases.

Please note that we do not accept returns for food items. Instead, we encourage you to consider donating any unwanted items to a friend, family member, or your local food bank.

In the event that our product is delivered with a quality concern or beyond the expiration date, please provide the following details to our customer service team: 1) online order number, 2) description of the issue, and 3) images of the defective product and lot code information (typically found on the back or bottom of the product).

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